Science with NEO Surveyor


All Day, May 7 to 9, 2024

The NEO Surveyor mission is pleased to announce a community workshop: "Science with NEO Surveyor". The intent of this workshop is to provide members of the scientific community a chance to interact with Surveyor Science Team members and learn more about the anticipated NEO Surveyor observing cadence, data products, and timescales of public delivery.  A draft agenda is attached below.

NEO Surveyor is an infrared space telescope that will be launching in 2027 with the singular goal of detecting and characterizing the majority of asteroids that pose a significant hazard to the Earth. The mission is designed to be particularly sensitive to near-Earth objects, and it is estimated that it will detect hundreds of thousands of NEOs, millions of Main Belt asteroids, and thousands of comets with sufficient data to constrain orbits, measure sizes, and determine impact probabilities.

This workshop will include hands-on small-group working sessions using outputs from the mission Survey Simulator to explore some examples of science investigations that could be carried out with the NEO Surveyor data. Opportunities for early career researchers, including travel support, will be provided by the mission. Space is limited, so please register early; the deadline for registration is April 2, 2024. If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact Dr. Joseph Masiero (PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOnd6bmZ2cmViQHZjbnAucG55Z3JwdS5ycWgiPnd6bmZ2cmViQHZjbnAucG55Z3JwdS5ycWg8L24+).

Registration form

Workshop topics

  • Intro to NEO Surveyor, data products, and software tools
  • Science investigations enabled by Surveyor
  • Synergy with other NEO surveys
  • Synergy with other small body characterization techniques

Workshop will run for 3 full days, May 7-9. A draft agenda is available below; a more detailed agenda is forthcoming.

Example hands-on simulation data analysis topics

  • Light curve inversion using the sparsely-sampled data from Surveyor 
  • Radar accessibility and warning time for Surveyor-discovered objects
  • Compositional distribution of Surveyor-detected objects
  • Sensitivity of Surveyor to transient cometary activity

Confirmed speakers

  • Michele Bannister
  • Sarah Greenstreet
  • Dave Jewitt
  • Amy Mainzer
  • Ed Rivera-Valentín
  • Federica Spoto